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the witness

» Shortlisted for the:

• 2008 Royal Mail Scottish Children's Book Awards

2008 Highland Children's Book Award
2009 Kernow Youth Book Award
2009 Angus Book Awards

» Recommended by Richard & Judy's Book Club


'Seconds later, it would have been him ...'


THE WITNESS is set in the Scottish Highlands at a time in the not-too-distant future when people are caught up in a bloody conflict over who should own the land.


18 year-old John MacNeil witnesses a massacre and later returns to the scene to find the sole survivor, a small boy, too frightened to speak. Pursued by soldiers, John and the boy set off together on a terrifying journey through the mountains.


But who is the boy and what is John to do with him when they reach safety? Who can they trust? Where do John’s loyalties really lie - with himself or the boy, the government or the rebels? And what will become of the country he loves if the violence can’t be brought to an end?

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'Instantly gripping, a white-knuckle adventure'
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