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I don't start my books by thinking about themes, but I always end up asking myself questions as I tell the story. Here are some of things I found myself thinking about as I wrote THE RECKONING:



- How does building a bridge to the mainland change the character of an island?


- How does it affect the people who live on the island?


- Is wind power an efficient source of energy?


- What do you feel about wind turbines - beautiful structures or blot on the landscape?


- What effects can alcoholism have on a family?


- Cults often make people feel good about themselves. Why can that be so dangerous?


- What turns people into racists?


- Do you have to know someone to hate them?


- Are the things we hate most the things we fear most?


- Try and imagine a situation where you could justify an act of terrorism to yourself.



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'Had me turning pages at three in the morning . . .'
 Carnegie medal-winner, Alison Prince