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Macmillan have produced an excellent reading guide to The Witness. Click here to download it.


some ideas to discuss



There are a lot of different themes in The Witness -  loss, bullying, responsibility, disability, the environment, music, the land, politics. I didn't necessarily set out to write about them when I began the book, they just emerged as I told the story. Here are some of the questions The Witness invites you to ask:


- Is any cause worth killing for?

- What would it be like to lose a brother or sister?


- Would it ever be right to kill someone?


- How do you think you would feel if you'd killed someone?


- When would it be right to fight over land?


- Who do you think land should belong to?


- Why is it important that we look after the land?


- How do people make a living in the Highlands?


- Do you feel you belong to the place where you live?


- If so, how would you describe what belonging means?


- Can music help you to feel you belong somewhere?


- What would it be like if you could only live in the present, without any real idea of what has happened or what is going to happen?


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'A fiercely provocative vision of a possible Scotland'
 Keith Gray, author of The Ostrich Boys