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All three books on this page are currently out of print, though you can get them second-hand through Alibris.


THE MAPMAKER (Sceptre 1995) 


It is 1349.  England has been ravaged by bubonic plague. It is an uncertain world, the people are deeply suspicious and afraid.  Falsely accused of witchcraft, the stolid peasant Creb and his young companion, the frail, unworldly Roland, flee their village for the uncertain and increasingly dangerous world beyond. Their only guide is a mysterious map they believe may lead them to the Philosopher’s Stone, the stuff of alchemy.


United by the struggle for survival, Creb becomes Roland’s first real friend, while Roland, whose moments of insight verge on prescience, opens Creb’s mind to the marvels of learning.  But it is Ellen, the intuitive stranger, whose strength and passion brings them both to new depths of feeling as they learn the value of trust, the cruelty of betrayal and the power of love.


‘A novel of striking originality and imaginative narrative.’

Allan Massie, The Scotsman

‘A tale of many turns written in clear, delightful prose; a poised downpayment on posterity by a writer who knows the value of craft and stealth.’

Scotland on Sunday

‘This skilled first novel brings the medieval world to life. The language is precise and evocative … the touching story keeps one completely involved.’

Publishers Weekly

‘An excellent starting point … Jauncey is good on the sackcloth texture of medieval life.’

Daily Telegraph


THE CRYSTAL KEEPER (Hippo Fantasy 1996)


Deep in the forests of another world lives the guardian of a sacred crystal. He is entrusted with a task so vital to the survival of that land that it would be unthinkable if something were to go wrong. But something has gone wrong and evil is all about. The Crystal Keeper, with his great power, has lost his mind.

Enter Sammie, lured to this world by its desperate people who fear they are in danger of being destroyed. Sammie soon learns that she must undertake a perilous journey to save her friends and cure the Crystal Keeper before he ruins a whole civilisation. Along the way she discovers that she too has own unknown powers…

‘Written with as much sparkle as the secret which lies at its heart, the Crystal Keeper will catch the imagination of even the most reluctant reader. Its intrepid heroine is endearingly realistic, and the astonishing events unfold at a cracking pace. An enchanting book.’

Alison Prince

Winner 1996 Guardian Childrenís Fiction Prize

‘Very well written fantasy … a magical sparkling style … imaginative writing, a fast pace, and very convincing characters make this one an excellent addition to a popular genre. I loved it!’

The School Librarian




Staying with her grandmother in the West Highlands of Scotland, Christie and her reluctant holiday companion Tom accidentally uncover an extremist plot to blow up a NATO fuel dump. It seems at first that Bill Davidson, Tomís father is just the man to stop the terrorists. But Bill is deeply involved in politics himself, and it soon becomes clear that all is not as black and white as it seems.


Meanwhile, Christie is struggling to come to terms with the strange visions that have begun to trouble her lately - visions that nevertheless prove to be an unexpected boon when, together with Tom and her elderly grandmother, she eventually finds herself confronting the terrorists.

‘A gripping thriller … a taut political novel of conspiracy and terrorism. Jauncey shows considerable talent and is a welcome addition to the ranks of writers for this notoriously difficult age range.’ 

The Scotsman

‘Jauncey’s polished prose flows effortlessly into the mind … in a plot as thrilling as anything dreamed up by John Buchan.’ 

Glasgow Herald

‘At the heart of the novel there is a promisingly complex symbol of childhood’s end.’

Times Educational Supplement

‘The most exciting read for teenagers this year.’

The Books Programme, Scottish Television


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